Hi! I'm Lynn

A break up coach who'll help you show others in the most positive way you can why you need to move on 

Let's put you in the picture

There's no shame in realizing that a relationship isn't working but if it's proving difficult to walk away without sacrificing anymore of your pride or you're trying to avoid looking like a s*** then stick around so we help you do it differently 

How can we help 

We offer a series of online tools that can help you explore the fact that most people are working to their own agenda, motives or attachment type but being aware and forarmed can help you manage situations better or move away with your dignity intact

Plan for change

Put a plan in place as thinking others will take responsibility will no doubt cost you precious time and energy and if it goes against the grain to do this, don't fret we'll get you to where you want to be through our talking sessions


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