You're here to break-up on your terms

We're here to help you do it

Whilst you might think that ending a relationship is brutal, sometimes it's how you do it that counts as you may want to spare someone's feelings so in the long term it's the kindest thing for both of you or you may feel the need to exert revenge but in a way that doesn't leave you open to repercussions or that it's inevitable to come away from a relationship that you know is just not good for you - whatever the reason, it's achievable and we want you to do it brilliantly.

Why bother doing it differently?

Because you're actually a decent person but you're struggling to communicate to someone who won't commit that you're worth being with or that a connection has run it's course and you don't want to hurt someone unnecessarily.  So if you feel that you've got nothing to lose except maybe those people who are hanging onto you for their own selfish needs and it's time to do something about it then get ready to tackle it differently as this could be the key to changing your life for the better.

How does it work?

The plan will consist of exploring personality and behaviour so you can work out how you can go about leaving, what you'd like to achieve from leaving the union and the best way that you can prepare and put a positive closure into place. We will use prescription movie sessions if you wish and coaching to help you move through the process with a bespoke plan - so contact us using the form and we can book you in for a free consultation session so you can discuss how you'd like to proceed - you're not obliged to take up paid sessions at this point


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